Question by JayStew: Black mold removal from dishwasher ?
How do you remove Black mold and mildew fom a Dishwasher? I read somehwere there is a home mixture you can make and then run it through to clean it.

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Answer by surgicalvenom
Run your dishwasher with an empty load, once the dishwasher fills with water, open it and add some bleach. 1/2 cup to a cup should really help.

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3 Responses to “Black mold removal from dishwasher ?”

  1. Mary M 15. May, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    All the other answers are a lot of work and SMELLY! GIve the tang a shot – it’s cheap and smells good. No elbow grease involved. It REALLY does work – it’s the citric acid!!!! Do a search on Search word TANG.
    With the dishwasher empty – fill the dispenser (that you would normally put your Cascade in) with Tang – yes, that’s Tang the orange flavored drink mix. I swear it will work. It will also get rid of the hard water stains that some people have. I only know this because I worked for a water company that supplied hard water to their customers who constantly complained about the stains. It will also work on a washing machine. Give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised!

  2. Toni B 15. May, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    DO NOT PUT BLEACH IN YOUR DISWASHER!!! It can damage the heating probes that dry your dishes. Get a dishwasher cleaner at your grocery store, it can be found where the dishwasher detergents are. Also you can use the dishwasher tabs or detergent that has the bleach with it, this is safe and that will prevent the mold and mildew from building. Do you let your dishes airdry or do you use the heated dry. You may want to start using the heated dry because that will help eliminate the moisture in the dishwasher. Worse comes to worse if none of that workes, your will have to use a mold and mildew cleaner on the inside of your diswasher and then let it set. Just remember to cover the heating probe before spraying. Then run your dishwasher empty. That should help. It is not normal to have mold and mildew in your dishwasher so you need to figure out why this is happening to eliminate the problem. Good Luck

  3. D S 15. May, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Black mold is a very serious problem on the inside of a house or apartment. The best way to remove mold is to:
    Put on a face mask and plastic/rubber gloves
    Cut up pieces of sponges
    Dip the pieces of sponges into bleach and wrap a spot
    You can not use the same piece over again, so throw it away
    Now take another piece and drip it into the bleach, wrap another spot, and throw that piece away. Continue until you have wrap the whole area inside of the dishwasher that has mold.
    Then wipe the inside of the dishwasher with paper towels.

    Place all of the used items in a plastic bag; sponges, gloves, face mask, paper towels. Tie up the bag and place in the outside trash container.

    Leave the dishwasher door open so it can completely dry on the inside before you start a regular cycle with very hot water.

    To prevent this from happening again, after each completed cycle, open up the door and let the steam out for a few seconds. Do not leave the dishes in there for days because mold will form.

    WARNING: Some people are not aware that there are different colors of mold; white (invisible to the naked eye), green, and black mold. They are all air born.

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