Question by darlene l: Who do you call to determine mold in a rental home and under a lease agreement?
I have turned in a work sheet containing repairs that need to be done at my rental home I live in each month w/ my rent payment but, to no avail nothing has been fixed on my home rental and there is mold in my foyer guest bath.The property manager told me there was mold remediation done to this house 3 years ago in the duct system.In any event my family stays sick and we are ready to move. What are the laws here.I pay a heap of rent for my 2 story 2500 square foot home.That was promised to be in tip top shape and repairs made by realtor in charge of property management.I have been informed owners will not pay for nothing.So manager told me she would pay for repairs personally.

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Answer by Mike S
Contact the Department of Health… that should get things moving.

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